Whole & Half Lamb


Brand new option to Manx Meal Box, your now able to purchase a whole lamb or half a lamb. This Lamb will be the perfect way to fill your freezer.
Processing the lamb will take up to 1 month, please be aware of this when you place your order. Once we have adequate orders we will process your order with the rest. 
Whole Lamb approx. 20kg
Half Lamb approx. 10kg
Lambs are 100% Grass fed, Manx lambs raised on the rolling fields of Jurby overlooking the coast. 
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A Recipe Card will be issued in your Meal Box so you can cook step by step, Meaning anyone can cook from a Professional to a Newbie!

Please note that the image portions may not be representative of the meal portions, they are just to show the ingredients you'll receive in your meal box.
Here at Manx Meal Box will endeavour to source as much locally Manx produce as we can, there will be exceptions to when we can't source we will source from the UK. This is only in cases where it is either not  feasible or it's is out of season for Island's producers

Island Wide Delivery

Please note how the delivery will work;

Your order will be packed on your chosen day to ensure your produce is as fresh as possible, once packed it will be loaded into our delivery vehicle.

Once all our orders are packed and loaded into the delivery vehicle we will depart for delivery and aim to begin deliveries at 5pm. You will receive a text message to inform you our delivery team are beginning the delivery process.

When we are close to your delivery, we will send another text message to ensure there is someone present over 18 to take delivery.

Once we arrive to deliver your Meal Box, we ask that someone over the age of 18 is in to accept the order and will require all our deliveries to be signed for as per our terms and conditions.

If delivery fails:

We will send a text message to you if delivery has failed to take place, this could be either your address could not be found, only a minor was in to take delivery and delivery was therefor refused due to our terms and conditions, or nobody was home to take delivery.

If our driver gets lost en route to your address we will always attempt to contact the phone number provided, but if you fail to respond then the driver will return your order to the Collection Location.

Once delivery has failed you will then be contacted to collect your order from the Collection Location on the next Collection day.

If you fail to present yourself then your order will be cancelled, and no refund or credit will be issued.

Jurby Based Collection

Please note how the collection will work;

Your order will be packed on your chosen day to ensure your produce is as fresh as possible, once packed it will be ready for collection from our collection location.

We will contact you once our collection service opens for you to come and collect your order.

The Jurby based Collection Location will be confirmed in your email. When you arrive please follow the signs to the rear of the property to the rear entrance, where you will be greeted by one of our team.

Please provide either proof of identity for the person who made the order, or your confirmation email to the team when requested.

Once we have proof of identity we will hand over your Meal Box for you to enjoy.

The Collection Location will be open from 12pm to 8pm, please do not arrive before or after this time as before 12pm your order may not be processed or there may not be a member of the team at the collection location to hand over your Meal Box. Also please do not arrive after 8pm as the Collection Location is attached to a residential dwelling and there will be no members of Manx Meal Box there to hand over your order.

If you fail to collect:

If you are unable to collect your order please contact us as soon as possible so we can work towards a solution.

If you fail to collect and do not notify us of your delay then your order will be held for 24 hours for you to contact us, if we do not hear from you then we will assume you have cancelled your order and no refund or credit will be issued