Frequently Asked Questions

Our quick answers for your enquiries.

Is Everything Manx?

We here at Manx Meal Box search for as much local produce as feasibly possible for our customers. In the occasion we cannot aquire Manx produce whether it not be available or out of season we will only then look to alternatives from the UK, as a last case scenario.

When do orders cut off for deliveries?

 To allow us time to pack produce and organize delivery we cut off orders for Wednesday delivery on Tuesday at 11am and for Sunday delivery on Friday at 11am.

Where do we deliver?

You can rest assured we deliver Island-Wide so whether your at the Point of Ayre or the Sound we will deliver to you. You will also get text alerts for your delivery.

How long will produce last?

The produce will last for a minimum of 3-4 days and a maximum of 7 days, you can freeze some ingredients to extend their life if needed, or even cook and freeze. (If frozen please defrost over 24 hours and cook thoroughly).

What time will delivery be on Wednesday & Sunday?

Our delivery days are Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm & Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. A clearer delivery estimate for your delivery will be texted to you before the delivery begins to give you a rough idea when delivery will take place.

Do you have to subscribe?

Nope! Unlike other meal box brands we do not require you to subscribe and pay a monthly bill, you get to choose the meals you want, when you want! If you wanted to set up an account you can email us and we can set this up for you but is not compulsory. 

How is everything packed?

We aim to pack our products with as little plastic as possible but unfortunately the use of plastics is difficult to avoid. We use paper bags to pack the majority of our products, Meat and products that require a sealed container will be packaged appropriately but we aim to recycle as much as possible so our plastic tubs we will be recycling, so if you wash and re-order and hand your used plastic tubs to the Manx Meal Box team member we will take them back and re-use them!

What's included in the Meal price?

The price of your meal includes all the portion goods in the photo of your meal, pre-packed and measured so you can cook straight away. We also drop our meal cards into the meal box so you can follow our popular recipes to cook the delicious meal.

Can you get an extra assistance?

If you require extra assistance with your order, ie if you have difficulty preparing your food we will endeavor to put our customers needs first and assist you as much as we can. So before you order if you require extra assistance then drop us an email or a message on our facebook page and we will see how we can help. 

How do you pay?

You can choose to pay either by Paypal at the end of your ordering process but you can also order via cash on delivery. We will be using this process as we understand some people may feel more comfortable in paying with cash but if this is abused then we will remove the cash on delivery option.

Can you get your own recipe meal boxes made?

If you have a different recipe and want to have Manx ingredients but don't want to shop, then drop us a message and we will look at doing this for you! As we say "Our customers always come first". 

Will there be any more meal boxes?

As we go through the seasons the Meal Box recipes will change to promote as much seasonal produce as possible. If you have any ideas for meals you want to see then please contact us and we will look into making them available.